How to inflate your new Zodiak™ air sofa quickly and easily

Hey Zodiak™ fan! Just a few simple steps, and you can relax anytime, anywhere! 

Follow the instructions below and learn how to inflate your Zodiak™



1. Hold the Zodiak™ at the end by the opening and roll it out fully in front of you. 
The Zodiak™ should lay flat on the floor, with as few creases as possible and without being twisted.


2. The Zodiak™ has 2 compartments that need to be filled. 
Open compartment number 1 as wide as possible while holding the other compartment closed.


3. While holding the compartment open pull the Zodiak™ horizontally in a rapid forward motion 2-3 times through the air in front of you, 
facing in the direction of the wind (do not shake about). After each motion, close the compartment immediately trapping the air inside. 
Try to avoid twisting your body because contact with your body will push the air out of the Zodiak™.
TIP: This works best if you make sure the compartment being filled is always located on top of the lower compartment, 
facing in an upwards direction.

4. Flip the air sofa over keeping the empty compartment on top, facing upwards. 
Now open the second compartment, making sure that you are holding the already filled compartment closed.


5. Repeat step 3 with the second compartment until the Zodiak™ is completely full of air.

6. Once you’ve got enough air in your Zodiak™, roll up the end as tightly as possible.

7. Grab the clips and bend the panels to the side until the clips come together, now connect the two clasps.

8. Set the Zodiak™ air sofa on the ground, slide onto it and relax!