How do you inflate the Zodiak™?
The video on the main page of our website should show you how it works and how easy it is to inflate. The materials used to manufacture our product are designed to be very lightweight and our air sofa is therefore much easier to inflate when compared to other similar products currently available. There is a technique, that after a few attempts is easy to master. 

1 - Initially you must shake the air sofa out until it is laying straight on the floor, with as few creases as possible.
2 - Open compartment 1 and while holding the compartment open pull the Zodiak™ through the air in a forward motion, facing in the direction of the wind (do not shake about). Make sure to quickly close the top opening immediately after each sweep, trapping the air inside. This works best if you make sure the compartment being filled is always located on top of the lower compartment, facing in an upwards direction. Keep the air sofa in a straight line and allow the air to flow right to the end inside the product. Once the first compartment is filled with air close the opening. Flip the air sofa over keeping the empty compartment on top, facing upwards. Open the second compartment and repeat the above to fill the second side. This is repeated several times with both compartments, depending on how much wind is present. 
3 - Once you have the product at least 60-70% filled with air you must then roll the securing band around 3-5 times, or until really tight, this will compress the air inside and stop the product deflating. 
4 - Grab the clips and the bend panels to the side until the clips come together, now connect the two clasps.
5 - Set the Zodiak™ air sofa on the ground, slide onto it and relax!

How do you deflate the Zodiak™?
It is as simple as the inflation process. After unclipping the opening most of the air will be released immediately. Next start rolling your Zodiak™ up from the end. Then fold it in half and put it in to the provided Zodiak™ carry bag.

What material is the Zodiak™ made of?
The outer layer is made of a specially developed, lightweight, super-strong, nylon rip-stop material, which is manufactured with a focus on durability and this will resist damage when used on abrasive surfaces. 

Where and on what kind of terrain can the Zodiak™ be used?
Because of its resistance to tears, scuffs and abrasions the Zodiak™ can be used on almost any surface, such as grass, sand, concrete and even on snow. When it comes to relaxation this makes the Zodiak™ your only choice for festivals, relaxing in the park, laying on the beach and many, many other locations. In addition, its durability makes it even possible to place the Zodiak™ on uneven ground, such as in the mountains, in the jungle or other uncomfortable places.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Zodiak™?
We recommend no more than 2 or 3 people at a time on the Zodiak™, depending on their weight (approx. 440lbs or 200kg max).

How do you secure the inflated Zodiak™ against the wind, while nobody is sitting on it?
It is hard to imagine a moment when nobody wants to sit on the Zodiak™. However, just in case you can easily tie the ground securing loop to anything you want (a parasol, backpack, tent peg etc...) or the carry bag can be filled with sand/rocks and then attached to the loop to keep the Zodiak™ from blowing away. The ground securing loop is only recommended to be used when nobody is sitting on the Zodiak™.  

What is the weight and size of the Zodiak™?
The Zodiak™ only weighs (1.2kg) 2.6lbs and has a folded (in the carry bag) size of approx (L x W x H) 15 x 8 x 5 inch (38 x 20 x 13cm). The Zodiak™ when fully pressurised has an inflated size of approx (L x W x H) 78 x 35 x 20 inch (200 x 90 x 50cm).

How long does the Zodiak™ stay inflated?
Due to the airtight inner layer and a specially designed closing mechanism, a fully blown Zodiak™ will stay inflated for up to 3-6 hours. Please note the tighter you roll the top opening (at least 3-5 times) the longer the Zodiak™ will stay inflated. 

Where can I ship my order and what are your shipping rates?
Shipping is free within the UK and there is a £11.50 surcharge to all international destinations. 

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept payments via PayPal, you can also pay using Visa and MasterCard via the PayPal checkout system (if using a credit/debit card please click the checkout as guest option).

Is the Zodiak™ waterproof?
Yes the Zodiak™ is waterproof.

Is the Zodiak™ suitable for children or pets?
This product is not a toy and children using it must be supervised at all times. CAUTION (BE AWARE) due to the internal plastic bags and risk of suffocation the Zodiak™ is not designed or recommended for children under 6 or for pets.  

How do I clean my Zodiak™?
Only use a mild detergent. Avoid chlorine or bleach based cleaners. Air dry only.